Thursday 8 May 2008

May sunshine

Sean seems to be in another party season as a lot of his P1 classmates hit their sixth birthdays. He was up at Hillend last Thursday for Ross's party, which seems to have involved sliding down the trainer slope in big rubber rings (tubing) and getting sweaty. He has two bowling parties this weekend and another party next weekend. Ah, the social swirl of early summer.

I had a very pleasant fifteen minute doze on a bench in the Botanics yesterday lunchtime. The sun has been shining all week and the boys have been loving it. Sean has been wearing his shorts to school. I brought out the hose yesterday evening and all three boys got soaked as they ran about squirting each other. Rowan came off worst. He was happy enough for a spell "plash"-ing his little feet in the puddles on the path, but a cold, wet vest and nappy eventually changed his humour.

Finn has been very tired of late. He was almost falling asleep at the end of pre-school yesterday. The fresh air, his sore leg and cough disrupting sleep (both seem better now) and not getting to bed early enough are catching up with him. He gets overwrought when he is tired, suddenly erupting into tears and histronics because Sean won't play with him or we want him to do something. Sean seems to be needing less sleep and has been sneaking up a bit later now and then, asking to watch the cricket with me on telly or getting to read in bed. He gets tired and squealy too though if he doesn't get his full quota.

My cricket season starts tonight. It would be great if this sunshine persists, for the next few Thursdays at any rate.

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