Thursday 15 May 2008

A sair fecht

An old Scots phrase that my mother was fond of was "it's a sair fecht - if you don't weaken". Sair fecht is "sore fight" for those not versed in the Scots tongue. This week has been a bit of a sair fecht. Rowan has been cutting a bottom molar and seems to have caught a bug too. His nappies have been dreadful and he's been right off his food which isn't like him. Although recent photos suggest it won't do him any harm to skip a few meals!

Finn has been alternating between good ("I'm behaving myself, amn't I Mummy?") and very bad, hitting out and just not doing what he is being asked (and then told). He can be such a lovely lad when you engage him but if there something bothering him or he's not feeling 100% then you have the devil's own job of getting him to cooperate. It doesn't help if you're not feeling great yourself and Sharon seems to have contracted Rowan's bug the last couple of days. Driving down to Alnwick for a big show on Tuesday, her MoonWalk training (donations can be made at the justgiving site) and continued disrupted sleep haven't helped either.

Amazing to think Sean is nearing the end of P1. He is turning into a right wee schoolboy: getting a bit cheekier, forgetting his lunch box, leaving his coat behind, picking things up from his pals and just getting that little bit more grown up. He's reading very well so it's probably as well most of his peers are six months older than him - it gives them a chance!

The garden has put on its usual May spurt. The hedges and grass have sprung to life and a weekend of thankless trimming beckons. Come the end of the summer you wonder why you didn't do more in terms of trips away: these are the chores that you forget you had to get done. That and having no money of course.

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