Wednesday 18 June 2008

Off to break the bank

Just a quick entry before I dash off to the airport to fly down to London to join Sharon who flew down earlier today. We're off to Monte Carlo in the morning! It's been a hectic few days (so what else is new?). Olivia flew in for cover as Sharon undertook the Moon Walk on Saturday night. It was dry but cold and she completed the 26 miles 385 yards in 7 hrs 47 mins. She looked very washed out and was feeling faint when I collected her in the morning but she has recovered quickly without any physical hangover. Born with stamina that lady!

I took the boys away to St.Andrews for the day to let Sharon recover. With Olivia, they had made a "Well Done Mammy" banner for the front door. Sharon just about raised a smile; she was dead beat. Once in St.Andrews the boys had a great time romping about the Cathedral grounds, clambering over (and in Sean's case, reading) gravestones before we had our picnic. We then had a play down on the Castle Sands before moving on. The boys all fell asleep so I just drove home at that point.

Last night I was through at Glasgow to see Whitesnake and Def Leppard rocking the SECC. Whitesnake were disappointing: a poor set selection of mostly "metal" tracks, a rotten drummer and too much distortion on the bass and drums all detracted from 56-year-old Coverdale's working of the crowd. Def Leppard's sound was much better, thankfully, and they were very efficient at playing their catalogue of hits (you know more Def Leppard songs than you think you do) but it was very much stadium rock: tight, professional with a good show, but not that memorable.

Nana and Papa are in place to deal with the three lads so I'm off!

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