Tuesday 10 June 2008

Sports Day

Sean had his Sports Day today. It was blustery but dry and bright and all the P1s to P3s were arranged in teams representing Olympic countries, it being Olympic year. Sean was in the host country, China! There were about 12 events hosted around the perimeter of the football pitch and teams moved from one to the next. It was all very well organised.

Sean surprised us by being good at skipping. He did a spacehopper relay race; rolled a ball down a bench aiming for a bucket; football dribbling; throwing a ball into a bucket (he managed a couple); a running relay; a sack race relay; an egg (golf ball) and spoon race relay; standing jumps; a hoop race; a rugby ball race; an obstacle course; and team passing the ball through the legs. That was the last one and it took more understanding and concentration than was available. Finn was a bit of a monkey and Rowan even more so, determined to get in amongst everything and throwing an absolute paddy every time he was lifted up. Sean really enjoyed himself.

Afterwards we took Finn and Rowan for a long overdue renewal of the library books. Rowan kept up the tradition that Finn started by stinking the place out. Rowan was crying during the night for Adrian, who left last night. The aeroplanes keep disturbing Rowan's sleep. We are having to suffer several months of night flights roaring over the house as the alternative runway at Edinburgh Airport is pressed into action while the main runway is being resurfaced. The good people of Crammond must be delighted to have some peace and quiet for a change.

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