Tuesday 22 July 2008


Rowan entertained us this morning by counting from 1 to 10 at the breakfast table. Having received a round of applause from all present, for an encore he carried on with an attempt at 11 to 14, a big beaming smile on his face. All that counting through the steps of a nappy change has obviously sunk in! He's certainly had enough nappy changes in his 21 months.

At least he didn't count in a Glasgow accent - yet. Sean is still affecting a west coast brogue after our week with the Lasts in Cumbria and Finn is beginning to take a lead from Sean. Time to get them back amongst their ain folk and talknig the way we're used to! Mind you, they'll be in Ireland for long enough in August that their accent may never recover!

We had a playpark frenzy on Saturday, visiting Polkemmet Park, Livingston and West Linton in between the rain showers and lunch at Lesley and Stuart's. The boys all slept after Livingston so I toko the option to drive the long way round the Pentlands, heading south west down the A70 to Carnwath and looping round to West Linton from there. The views across the high moorland north and the hills to the south were spectacular with great pillars of cloud piled high above the washed-clean landscape. Sharon was away at her PC conference in Birmingham so I, as ever, was keen to get out and about with the lads rather than feel confined to barracks. On the Friday I took Sean and Finn swimming as Rowan was in nursery. Finn is doing superbly well and was jumping in and swimming to me as well as kicking his way back to the side.

I got a couple of games of cricket in last week but unfortunately we were knocked out of the Parks Trophy at the semi-final stage so we only have one last chance of silverware this season. I bade farewell to the Parks and Terry Newcombe Trophies that have been gracing the cabinet this past year as Norman Berger came to uplift them for this year's finals.

Edel came for a brief visit at the start of last week and was duly bombarded with pleas for attention by the boys, with Rowan now able to challenge his brothers for a fair allocation of his godmother's time. Sharon and Edel did manage out for a walk in the hills one evening. It's great being able to just walk from the house but unfortunately, with the boys requiring fed and put to bed, Sharon and I don't ever get an opportunity to get out and make the most of the long evenings.

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