Thursday 18 September 2008


Rowan had a tumble yesterday. He was trying to climb on to Sharon's leg to sit and rolled right back, banging his head on the corner of the console unit in his room. It wasn't until later when he was bouncing on the trampoline that I noticed his hair was matted with blood at the back. He had a small gash which looked worse than it was. When asked about it he said "head better." Fortunately no stitches were required. Somehow, we've avoided any trips to casualty in that regard, thank goodness.

Finn has reverted to bad habits again, hitting Sharon for no reason and frequently irritating Rowan. He's also had a few days of wetting his bed and pants and got a big row last night for breaking one of his Polly Pocket dolls (12 days since his birthday) by putting her in the bathroom door jamb and closing it. It's hard to know what drives Finn at times; whether he isn't feeling well and takes it out on others, whether as a middle child he feels there is a lack of attention directed towards him or whether he gets a testosterone burst which manifests itself in more aggressive behaviour. Whatever it is, he certainly knows how to press our buttons. Rowan, King of the Tantrums, just has his mother's temper!

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