Friday 26 September 2008

Honey Honey

Shh! Don't tell anyone, especially not Sean, but Sharon has booked a weekend to go over and see Olivia in Dublin and she's taking Finn with her. Finn is excited at the prospect but whether he'll be able to keep it a secret remains to be seen. He has a fascination with hair clips at the moment and has taken to wearing one or two as the fancy takes him, occasionally stumbling up to do his midnight wee (we have resorted to lifting him before we go to bed) with a clip still in his hair.

Through the tunnelRowan has moved up to the 2-3 room at Fairmile Nursery, a bit earlier than he should but he's more than ready for it, chatting away and furiously (sometimes very furiously, if you won't help him) putting jigsaws together. He was leading the morning Abba singalong at the breakfast table today with "Honey, Honey" and is able to string three or fours words together sensibly to convey what he wants. If not, he'll just shout and bawl till he gets his way. He grazed his chin while I was down in London.

Sean was sent home from school on Tuesday after being sick in the playground following lunch. Chances are he ate his lunch too quickly as he often comes home with half his packed lunch still remaining. I don't think he can eat as quickly as his peers and is in a hurry to get out and play. He has been fine since then although has complained once or twice about a sore stomach when eating. As ever, I wonder about the likelihood of him having coeliac disease, despite last year's all clear. He's definitely the most "Wallace" of the three boys and so has the best chance of developing it, in my opinion. He joined his brothers in the sting club last Sunday as a wasp got him in the finger at Loanhead playpark. Being Sean, amputation could not have caused him more grief. Rowan was stung on the nose at nursery a few weeks ago and Finn at Dumfries on our way to Ireland. Sean did manage to climb to the top of the spider's web at Loanhead though - he's been aiming to do that for some time now and was pleased with himself once he finally got there!

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