Saturday 13 September 2008

If You Want Blood

AC/DC are back! A new album entitled Black Ice is due out shortly, a mere 8 years since the last one, and they are embarking on a world tour with dates in the US announced up till Christmas. Will I go to see them? I don't know. I last saw them in 1991 in Glasgow and whilst they are undoubtedly my favourite band there is almost little point in seeing them live as I know their stuff so well. I have managed to convince my workmates to go and see Livewire, an AC/DC tribute band, here in Edinburgh in November. Seeing a band play that kind of music in a small venue rather than a football stadium is more enjoyable and there may be more chance of hearing rare live tracks rather than the standards. I'll buy Black Ice but I'll wait to see where (and at what price) AC/DC are playing in Europe before I commit to a concert ticket.

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