Monday 6 October 2008

Autumn Picnic

Sean came a cropper on Friday morning, tripping down a couple of stairs as he raced around the perimeter of the school fence trying to beat Finn who was cutting across the playground. Given the nature of the fall, he was fortunate not to have hurt himself more, ending up with a bumped and scraped forehead and one or two other bruises. he was very upset though and had to be persuaded to go into school, where his teacher took him to the nurse. He got a sore scratch on the arm from Finn, by accident, as they were playing their "capture" game and banged the back of his head yesterday too, so there has been plenty of howling in the house. Finn got a very sore scrape and bruise on his leg when he jumped down off a wall on Friday, but was a bit more stoic about it than his elder brother.

Sharon had her usual busy morning on Friday, packing plenty in before 1130 then "went to school, picked up Zoe and Finn, played with them till 12.15 till Sean came out, home here, changed, walked to Swanston Golf Club, had lunch, walked (slowly!) back, and that has been today. Two boys sitting eating a few sweets and having hot chocolate to give them a wee bit of energy back. Finn very tired after all his exertions."

Ian and Sean at KingsmeadowsAfter a miserable day on Saturday of wind and rain, we had a glorious autumn day yesterday and went down to Peebles for a picnic at Kingsmeadows House. We had the run of the grounds and the playpark to ourselves after sitting eating our picnic of hot soup and sandwiches and corn on the cob and tortilla chips. The boys do well for picnics. They're probably into double figures for the year. We drove into Peebles after and had a leisurely stroll about, with ice-creams for Rowanand Finn and smarties for Sean and then a bit of running about and chasing. In future years these are the carefree times that we need to recall.

Sharon's chat with Lesley Robertson, the architect who drew up the plans for our extension work, confirmed our expectations that an extension to the rear would cost around £50-60k before we even consider the cost of a new kitchen and interior decorating. I can't imagine we'll be pursuing that unless a hitherto unknown wealthy benefactor steps forward with a bag of cash. Maybe we can get the boys singing together in an ABBA tribute band.

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