Monday 27 October 2008

Confined to barracks

Rowan is showing small signs of recovery but is still very hard work at the moment. He's great if he gets his way (aren't they all?) but throws massive tantrums if he doesn't get "racin car telly" (Cars DVD) or "pooh bayir telly" (Pooh video) or the food of his choice (anything sugary). Yesterday he managed to clamber out his cot as part of his strop at going down for his lunchtime nap. He thumped to the ground with predictable consequences. I gave up and let him join Finn and Sean for another half-hour's play, waddling around in his gro-bag, before recommencing the battle to put him to bed.

Sean and Finn weren't much better yesterday. The wild weather kept us indoors all weekend apart from a visit to the shops and swimming on Saturday. With Sharon at a PC Autumn Rally all day Sunday it made for hard work as the boys got increasingly bored and antagonistic with each other. Sean has gone daft for Connect 4 and kept bursting into tears if no-one would play him. At least he's stopped being a bad loser, mainly because he's winning half the time, regularly beating me.

Sharon's PC pal, Nikki Shepherd, her husband Simon and their children Georgia and Henry were staying with us Friday and Saturday night so at least we were able to socialise without leaving the house. There was no chance of getting out for a walk however. The roof blew off the wendy house, a bench was tipped up and poor Rowan was laid down in a puddle on his changing mat: it looks as though rain running past the boys' Velux window was being blown under the tiles and flashing and leaked through Rowan's ceiling.

Add to all this that neither Sharon nor I were feeling particularly fit and it made for a hard weekend. For the last few weeks I have had what has become an annual autumn event in recent years: rhinitis and my asthma flaring up. I don't know if it is tree pollen, dust in the house or what, but I wake in the morning feeling like my nose and throat have been dredged in plaster dust. It does little for my morning mood!

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