Thursday 23 October 2008

Huffin and puffin

Rowan has finally got an inhaler. He has had yet another cold and cough the last week which seems to have developed into a chest and possibly an ear infection so he's back on the penicillin again. His appetite has been very poor recently too although, weighing in at 30lbs, that's not a big concern. He's still keen on "jelly poht" or "yoggut" or "choglit" despite pushing away his main meal.

We went for a very pleasant autumn woodland walk at the weekend, parking the car at the part-demolished (it's being refurbished, apparently) Craiglockhart Sports Centre and climbing the path through the trees up the north side of Easter Craiglockhart Hill. The steep descent to Craiglockhart Pond was a bit hairy with Rowan up on my shoulders and Sean sliding down on his bottom.

On Saturday night we drove through to Glasgow to meet the Lasts for a curry at Koolba in Candleriggs. Sharon had met the owners at a Food Fair in Alva and knowing Lynne and Paul's liking for a curry we thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up with them through in the west. It's rare for us to get out, let alone with friends, let alone in Glasgow, so we thoroughly enjoyed our night out.

It's October holiday week. I'm trying not to think back to last year, where we spent the week in the luxury of a big villa in Mijas Costa. Sharon has had her hands full with Rowan being clingy and the weather verging on the wild. She took the boys and Ross on a rather fruitless drive up to Stanley on Monday. The heavens opened as they arrived so it was a long way for a soft play and lunch. Tuesday was doctors (Rowan) and haircuts, so they're all looking smart with Rowan looking quite the wee boy. Sean and Finn went to Ross's yesterday and they're at Phoebe's today while Sharon does a daytime show down in Berwick. The plus side has been some long lie-ins, with us being able to sleep till 8am most mornings. That will all go to pot next week with the clocks changing and the schools going back.

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