Wednesday 15 October 2008

Weekend Jaunt

Well its been some time since I wrote something to the blog, but in my defence, finding spare minutes in my day for the "nice-to-do" stuff is fairly tough. We are just starting into the busiest time of the year with work, and between my own personal business, supporting my direct cluster, and then the overall team work, things are hectic enough.

Last weekend, Finn and I headed off to Dublin. I decided that instead of just thinking "wouldnt it be nice to scoot over to see Oliv for the weekend", I'd just do it! We agreed that I'd take Finn, in the hope that the one-on-one time would do him good, given the challenges he has been throwing up of late. In the lead up to us going, Finn was earning "Ireland points" for good behaviour, so that helped a lot. On Friday, Lesley D kindly volunteered to drive us both to the airport. Finn was so giddy all morning, helping me to pack his wee suitcase, what we needed to bring, etc. He was great at the airport, enjoying the excitement of it all, taking it all in his stride.

Our biggest concern was that in Oliv's house resides Harley, an old English sheepdog of a fair stature! Given Finn's fear of dogs we thought this might be an issue. But to his credit, Finn handled it all very well, and was even out in the garden at the same time as Harley over the weekend, showing reservation but no screaming or tears which was good.

When given the choice of where he wanted to sleep, he opted for sleeping with Olivia (other options being sleeping in with me, or having his own wee room). Oliv said she woke on Saturday morning and stretched out, only to find a wee finger tickling her under her arm. Herself and Finn really enjoyed each others company over the weekend. It was great to get to hang out with Oliv in her domain, as we usually see each other in Athlone or Edinburgh. And she certainly rolled out the red carpet, top class hospitality!

On the Saturday morning, Oliv having given me a lie in, Michael, Marie and Edel arrived up from Athlone. We went out for lunch to Green and Wilde in Milltown, and had a lovely lunch there. Finn gobbled up his tomato soup and ham sandwich, asking for chocolate after. He seemed to quickly switch on to the fact that being on his own, he was more likely to get treats! After Edel and Alan's recent engagement, it was great to see her (and the ring!), and hear how her plans were coming along. It was amusing to hear that Alan's Dad, Der, was now being called the Wedding Planner! A walk along the Dodder River followed.

After saying goodbye to the Athloners, we met up with Olivia's old housemate Angus and his daughter Molly. I had heard a lot about her before, but was blown away by the stunning little 4 year old with luscious dark hair, brown eyes you could drown in, and with a great lively sparkle in her eyes. Herself and Finn got on well, and played away for over an hour, till it was time to head back for tea.

Sunday morning, Sacha made her famous pancakes, which Finn enjoyed (no surprise there!). We lounged about for the morning, with Olivia, Sacha and Mary's friends popping in to join us for a long breakfast. Then before we knew it, it was time to head back to the airport again!

A great weekend had by the pair of us! And I decided that it is something we should definitely do again, either with Sean to Dublin, or perhaps to Kerry, or to Oxfordshire to see some long-missed friends of ours, or who knows to where!

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