Wednesday 15 October 2008

Three out of five

There was only me, Sean and Rowan sitting round the kitchen table last weekend as Sharon and Finn were in Ireland. It wasn't quite as odd as last October when Sean and I were left behind last while the others headed to Spain, but it's a different dynamic without Finn, so often the catalyst!

Sean had a great weekend though. He was collected and taken to his pal Luke's house on the Friday afternoon (Luke has now switched schools to Buckstone) and then on Saturday Lesley and Stuart came over to mind Rowan while I took Sean to the driving range and then on to see Mamma Mia (again). He was getting frustrated with the golf (who doesn't!) and needs to work on that "I can't do it so I'll give up" attitude but he managed a 50-yard hit and quite a few in the 30-45 yard range; far more than last time. We went putting too but he's not got the touch or alignment for that yet.

Mamma Mia was very enjoyable and Sean was rapt throughout. It is very much a feel-good film with the added familiarity of the ABBA songs (over-familiar in our household - it's a wonder the ABBA CD's haven't melted yet). Rowan had a great time leading Les & Stu about the house all afternoon, chatting away and making demands. On the Sunday morning, Sean went to Ross's house while Rowan and I took a turn round the shops. We then picked up the travellers from the airport, with Rowan repeating "Finn and Mummy, chop chop chop!" from the back seat as we waited for them to appear.

Sean is becoming a bit of a bookworm. He is piling through Horrid Henry books from the library although his level of comprehension and interpretation is still questionable. He needs to ask more if he finds a word he doesn't know. He has given up on an Enid Blyton Five Find-Outers book after a few chapters as I think it was too wordy and a bit difficult for him at this stage. I'm sure he'll be making use of Lesley's collection of Enid Blyton books next year.

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