Monday 17 November 2008

For those about to rock

It's getting to that time of year when fresh air is at a premium. The boys can be very hard work as they knock about the house getting increasingly bored yet are reluctant to head out when an opportunity does present itself. The problem too is if you don't head out in the morning then by the time Rowan has had his post-lunch nap then it's too late to get out in any decent spell of daylight.

On Saturday morning I took the three for a brief trip to Castlelaw Hill Fort. Rowan was miserable as he hates the wind and it was fairly puffing off the Pentlands as we clambered up the short path from the car park. In the afternoon I went with Sean in search of a music shop as he is desperate to get the names of some ABBA CDs for his letter to Santa. Sharon took Rowan and Finn swimming at Loanhead. Rowan was happy to wander about on his own, floating now and then with his armbands on. Finn continued his practice, doing dolphin kicks.

Yesterday I went out with Finn and Sean on a rare jaunt into town. We had a browse in HMV then a play in the Princes St Gardens playpark. Sean, unprompted, recalled the last time we were there when "we met Santa." It was a clear November day but the temperatures were dropping by the time we headed home.

I had a rare night out on Friday. Half my team met up in the Ensign Ewart at the top of the Royal Mile for a "rock night". We dined at the Kurdish restaurant Hanam's which was enjoyable enough (although I did belatedly find some egg noodle through my rice and couldn't have any of the naan breads and we could only purchase non-alcoholic wine: rock and roll!) then moved down to the Liquid Rooms for Live/Wire. Live/Wire are an AC/DC tribute band featuring both a "Bon" and a "Brian" and firing cannon for the For Those About To Rock encore. They played a good set, focusing mostly on the AC/DC live staples and throwing in the latest single for good measure. It was good to hear the music played live: they were a tight outfit and "Angus" pulled a few blistering riffs out of his cap. We retired, ears ringing, to the Bow Bar to mull over the conerts of yesteryear (five of us; combined age about 200). Everyone seemed to enjoy the night out. Better value than forking out three figures to some agency to see the real thing!

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