Monday 10 November 2008

Rowan is Two

We finally celebrated Rowan's brithday three days late, on the Sunday. He didn't seem to notice. Clad in his kilt and jumper, he stomped about Peebles after a birthday lunch with Nana and Papa in Osso. He turned his little nose up at his fishcake though, celebrating with some bread and chocolate ice-cream instead. If there's one thing Rowan does well, it's argue. There is no convincing him to change his mind if he decides something is "yucky" or he's "finished".

It was a nice afternoon for wandering up and down the High St. I stopped in at the War Memorial too and tried to explain to Sean and Finn what all the poppies meant. They were attentive but I'm not sure they got it.

Rowan has been running Nana and Papa all over the house the last week. "Nana! Open cuttins! Sitting room!" "Papa! Play hide and seek!" Michael spent an hour playing hide and seek with Rowan one day and has been ordered to read stories at frequent intervals. Failing that, Rowan has been trying to ambush him on the couch while they're both watching telly. Rowan's chat is incessant. "I eatin apple and watchin telly" was what I was greeted with tonight when I arrived home and earlier he finished lunch then told Sharon "Upstairs, play Finn and Zoe, bed in five minutes!" He can certainly communicate far better than his peers. He's giving Finn a hard time at the moment - "NO Finn!" - whenever Finn tries to approach him or join in with Rowan's playing. This is probably a legacy of Finn's behaviour when Rowan was younger but Rowan needs to be more accommodating and start to share and play better with Finn.

So the little red one has bawled and dimpled his way to two years old. His hair isn't quite the blond shock it was but his eyes still have that curious muddy pond colour and an ever-increasing troublesome twinkle. Rowan is very much his own man, does not live in the shadow of his brothers and is a force to be reckoned with. Happy second birthday, Roany-Bo!

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