Wednesday 7 January 2009

Noses to the grindstone

We're all back in the routine of work, school, pre-school and (as of tomorrow) nursery. We haven't seen a repeat of the snows of last January but it has really felt like we live in a small, dark, cold North European country this week.

The boys are having to adjust to putting up with only Mum and Dad once more after a festive period during which first Nana and Papa and then Adrian, Olivia and Edel were on hand to keep them entertained. At least it afforded Sharon and I a bit of a lie-in. It may be a while until our next one.

Rowan is still King of the Tantrums. We went swimming to Loanhead on Sunday and he went daft when it was time to go. Somehow Olivia got him dressed as he roared the changing rooms down (had it been me, he'd have been carted out to the car wrapped in a towel, midwinter or no) but he transferred his tantrum to the car because he wasn't getting a ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. "I want to go on Thomas!" was shouted between raggedy, sobbing breaths all the way home. No wonder he nearly fell asleep into his lunch. Undoubtedly he has shown worse Terrible Twos behaviour than his brothers. He is now taking his naps in Finn's bed which is our breaking-in procedure for preparing him for a move out of the cot. There's no rush though.

So, we're skint, it's cold and the economic predictions have as much cheer as an icy blast off the Pentlands. 2009 just looks like being a belter! At least I have 73 days' worth of music from Olivia's iPod to sort through. Thanks Oliv!

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