Monday 12 January 2009

I big tall

Rowan likes standing in his high chair or on the console unit in the sitting room and saying "I big tall!" Finn measured in at 110cm yesterday and Sean at 119cm. Finn still edges it on percentiles: 90% to Sean's 60-odd%. Rowan's 89cm only puts him in the 50-odd percentile so he's looking like the little 'un at the moment. They're all eating better after the festive colds.

Rowan had a great morning before Olivia left, topped by lunch at the Swanston Golf Club. He strode in saying "hi!" to all and sundry and then romped through his fish and chips. Bit of a pescatarian that lad; he likes his fish but isn't great with meat. Anyway, when the waitress comes to collects the plates he looks up and gives her a cursory nod and says "I be finished in two minutes." Where did we get him?

With Sharon away at Leadership Conference in Manchester from Thursday to Saturday evening I was in sole charge of the three lads (apart from when they were at their respective nurseries, schools and child-minders). I took Sean and Finn to see Madagascar - Escape 2 Africa which they seemed to have enjoyed, more so when recounting the tale to Sharon than was obvious at the time. Finn started with the usual complaint that the trailers were too loud and the cinema was too dark but part way through he whispered "I'm having fun!" to me. Sean intermittently expressed hunger and thirst. All in all it was a more enjoyable experience than the last time I took the two of them which was about two years ago to the Filmhouse to see "Help, I'm a Fish!"

On Saturday, despite the mounting gale, I took the boys into town to walk up to the Museum of Childhood. Sean is apparently "doing the Royal Mile" at school and was able to tell me that it was a mile long (there's a clue in the name), that Holyrood Palace was at one end and that the Castle was at the other. The Museum is interesting enough but the boys are maybe still a bit young for it. Sean seemed interest in the old-fashioned classroom display and the audio of children reciting their times tables. He and Finn played a game of snakes and ladders and Rowan played with some Lego. At least it got us out the house, for free!

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