Thursday 15 January 2009

The Missing Bag

Sean has always had a tendency to daydream. More recently, this has developed into being easily distracted when asked to do something such as put on his shoes. Anything between him and the shoe cupboard can result in a series of tangents being taken, and his parents getting increasingly annoyed, before the task is done. Finn can often be the source of the distraction and is still fairly hopeless at doing what he is asked at the first or fifth time of asking. Rowan wilfully ignores us when we ask him not to do something like stand in his high chair but our expectations of him are still fairly low at the moment.

Sean also claims he does not have a good brain for remembering things, only for numbers. This is evident in the number of times he can't find his gloves or other items that have been in his posession. Yesterday, we were rushing into school across the ice as the bell had already gone. Sean only got in thanks to Blair opening the door for him. He dashed in and I took Finn round to pre-school. Later that evening, I was quizzed as to whether Sean's school-bag was in my car as he had "lost it" along with his homework and "hadded to have" (thanks Finn) a school dinner instead of his (missing) packed lunch. No, it was not in my car. We thought through the events of arriving at school and I was sure I had brought it out the car. Finn was jogging along behind us so I'm sure he would have seen either of us drop it. I couldn't remember whether or not Sean had it as he went through the door. There was a nagging feeling that I may still have had it...

Sure enough, Sharon recovered it this morning, hanging on Finn's peg at pre-school. It was me, I had forgotten to hand it over and took it with me. Sorry Sean!

From Sharon yesterday: Rowan basically talked from the moment you left, and I'm surprised he hasn't passed out from oxygen deprivation with all the blether. After shouting his way around Tesco, while inhaling half a bag of grapes, he had lunch and then asked for bed, currently sleeping in the spare room.

I feel all the aches and pains of pregnancy are finally kicking in. Absolutely zonked today. Don't know if it's the weekend catching up on me, or if the pregnancy is really registering with my body - seeing as I didnt get that tired at the start. Could easily put my head on my desk and sleep right now - which I am sure you are familiar with!

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