Monday 19 January 2009

Return of the snow

Here are a few snippets of the mundane happenings that I sometimes forget to post.

Rowan is now out of his infant car seat and into a booster seat. It has been an increasingly hard job to get his buckle fastened over his winter attire so he has now graduated to a "big boy seat." Still no sign of him progressing to a potty or a bed yet. If anything he has been regressing on the nappy front, in complete denial that he has done a poo even when people in the library are slumping over the bookshelves in a dead faint with the smell. Like Finn before him, Oxgangs Library seems to have a laxative effect.

I received a citation for jury duty last week having recently wondered if I would ever be called again as it must be 15-20 years since I last attended (and was not picked). I didn't even make it past the front door this time. On phoning the information number I learned my number was in the range that didn't have to attend and that my citation was at an end. It makes you wonder how many people they need for trials each year.

Sean and Finn are back at swimming lessons with Sean now in possession of his yellow hat. They are at the same lesson, at 4.40 on a Monday, so Sharon has her hands full, although Rowan went to his pal Duncan's house today to ease the dressing room chaos. Finn was doing good backstroke using his arms and Sean did as good a front crawl as Sharon has seen him do, using his arms and doing underarm breathing.

Sean has been discharged from the Eye Pavilion. There is no noticeable improvement in his weak eye since the last appointment but at least the patches have improved the amblyopia and the weaker eye can be countered with glasses. He earned his bronze merit certificate at school and has moved on to Stage 12 in his reading: chapter books! He has been wading through plenty of library books too and is currently excited by a natural history book. Sean, Finn and I had a good chat about fossils before bed tonight.

The snow returned today. Finn and Zoe had a good time making big snowballs in the garden. Sean evidently had a great time with Lewis after school: he was soaked through when Sharon picked him up for swimming.

Sharon did a couple of big shows last week: one in the evening in Lochwinnoch then another the following morning in Balerno. Good to see her back on the circuit! Her team is still growing and she has great plans for 2009.

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