Sunday 22 February 2009

A mild mid-term

The boys had a good mid-term break and so, thankfully, did Sharon who enjoyed their company for the week. She took Sean and Finn through to the Science Centre in Glasgow which they really enjoyed with the highlight for Sharon being the photo morphing. She morphed Finn into Cameron Diaz and Sean into Finn!

The weather was pleasantly mild compared to the previous snowy week, just like last year's oddly imbalanced February, so the boys spent a lot of time out in the garden getting plenty of fresh air. I was even moved to dig over the three vegetable beds at the foot of the garden, with Sean and Finn helping me root for leftover spuds. We gathered 44, which went well with the dinner! Rowan was desperate to help too but had no gardening gloves, much to his (vocal) annoyance.

On the Sunday we went out to Beecraigs Park, finding the alternate car park by the playground. We had a play there then a walk into the woods which is always fun, pointing out the types of trees and especially any that have been cut down or fallen over. The latter type almost did for Sharon though as she tried a bit of tightrope walking, slipped and came crashing down astride the trunk. Fortunately she didn't fall sideways but a stumpy branch nicked and scraped her shin and she ended up with bad bruising too. It was rather painful. I think she'll give log-rolling a miss until after the baby is born.

After Beecraigs we enjoyed a very tasty lunch at Kaim Park Hotel in Bathgate which is looking far more swish than when we checked it out in 2000 as a possible wedding venue. The boys behaved well and it was nice to just relax and enjoy a lazy lunch with the sun shining in. It does make us realise that we're getting close to getting over the worst of the baby years, yet we've opted to "revert" by having another baby. As Sharon says, that's what we've signed up for so no (well, sporadic maybe) complaints!

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