Friday 20 February 2009

The Joe Gormley Gene

We are convinced Rowan takes after my Grandfather, Joe Gormley. And just like his greatgranddad, Rowan can talk the hind legs of the proverbial donkey! There are days when he wakes, starts blethering and thats pretty much him for the day. Non stop. I picked him up from Nursery yesterday and it seems he had quite a fun day, all told. The girls derive a fair bit of entertainment from Rowan's antics too. Seemingly, he was telling his classmates at lunchtime as milk was being served, that cows make milk and it comes out their bottoms! Not bad considering some kids in Sean's class couldnt tell you where milk, eggs, etc., come from.

And then later on, one of the wee girls was playing with a baby doll, and Rowan started going on about the baby in Mammy's tummy getting bigger and bigger and Mam getting fatter and fatter and then she was going to have to "squeeeeeeeze" really hard to get the baby out! Where this came from is anyones guess.

I've been trying to avoid the whole childbirth conversation for now, to be honest. Finn is by far and away the most interested in the baby. Sean came up with Naomi and Matthew as suggestions for names the other day. Sadly, Dad and I cant seem to make much headway with the boys names, girls names are down to a shortlist and thats fine. But given the high chance of this being another boy, we could do with getting it sorted soon.

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