Tuesday 24 March 2009

The Confident Child

I often am amazed at the confidence Rowan exudes, even from a very early age. I remember clearly when he was 13 months old, it was Granny Gormley's anniversary mass and we arrived into the "afters" at Brownsgrove. The house was choc full of people, which would have sent Finn or Sean reaching for the nearest leg of Ian or I in trepidation. In totters Rowany-bo, no bother at all, and within minutes he's eating apple tart and ice-cream from Amelia Kelly's plate!

This morning, we were walking round to nursery, having dropped Sean off to school, and he was chatting to Wendy, his beloved Wendy! As well as being a friend of mine, Wendy is Ross' mum, Ross being Sean's pal. Rowan wanted lifted, which really causes me pain at the moment, so Wendy was trying to gallantly get Rowan to interact with her, and take his mind off being carried. She challenged him to a race. Rowan, normally mad for a wee run on his little legs, sighed, and with the weight of the world seemingly on his shoulders, said "No Wendy, I can't do running the day, I have a very sore leg. I hurt it at breakfast and I have to go to the doctors with my sore leg the day." The child is a mere 2 years and 4 months! This is a completely fabricated story and he passed it off with the gravitas of someone reading the 10 o'clock news!

I wish I had his inner confidence. It will see him far as a child, and onwards through his developing years. That's my Rowany-bo!

Or should I say Rowan Patrick Wallace, as he has now taken to calling himself.

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