Thursday 19 March 2009


Spring is in the air! The last two days have been fantastic, hazy, sunny days with a warmth to the sun and a smell of summer mornings on the air. The birds are singing and the blossom, crocuses and daffodils are appearing about Edinburgh. Sean and Finn optimistically went to school wearing shorts this morning, their little legs looking a tad peely-wally! Given the last couple of summers have been quite dire, or at least that impression being to the fore, I feel we have to enjoy days like these whenever they turn up, rather than hope for more of the same during the traditional summer months. It's still a bit chilly to get the paddling pool out for the lads though!

Sean had a reading assessment yesterday. It's parents' night next week so we'll see how he's getting on. He's devouring Enid Blyton Five Find-Outers books at the moment and was delighted to get two more at the library and then another two from Lesley when we met her and Stuart out at a garden centre near Broxburn. I love to see him go up and ask things when prompted to do so, as he did at the library when I suggested he ask the assistant if they had more of the books in stock. I hope he retains that confidence.

We went for a walk in Almondell Country Park at East Calder on Sunday. The boys always enjoy doing a bit of exploring, being near rivers, finding sticks and so on but we have the devil's job convincing them to leave the comforts of the house to do so, even when they are at the stage of being bored and antagonising each other (and us). Rowan wasn't feeling well on the Saturday and was very grumpy and quick to tears but had a great time running about with his brothers at Morningside Park. We had earlier been at the school to see Sean and Finn's artwork on display in a fund-raising pupils' gallery.

Sharon is having a hard time trying to keep the three boys in check at the moment as her mobility is impaired with the baby sitting low and putting a lot of painful pressure on her pubic bone. Rowan is a good walker when we are out but does plenty running too which isn't so good when you can't chase him or trust him to stop when told. He fell and twisted his knee the other day which necessitated a trip to the doctor who gave him the all clear. Sharon has had a little bit of physio and has an "octopus" support to wear to try and ease the burden of the bump but she is hoping that she isn't faced with three months of misery.

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