Tuesday 14 April 2009

The big switch

With Sean and Finn on their Easter holidays I thought it best I took a few days off myself and get the house in order before WW4 arrives. We had debated long and hard how to best re-shuffle the accommodation, given that Rowan was due to migrate from cot to bed as well as having to slot WW4 in somewhere after the obligatory settling-in period by our bed.

We finally settled on moving Sean and Finn to the upstairs rear bedroom, Rowan to the upstairs front bedroom and the spare double bed down to what was Rowan's room which will become a nursery-cum-spare-bedroom. This prompted a move of the glazed dressers to the sitting room, the cube storage from the sitting room up to Sean and Finn's new room, the recall of some small bedroom cupboards from the garage for Rowan's new room and the purchase of some storage and a shelf for the big lads' room. Much redistribution of books, photos, clothes and bedding was also required to enable the various items of furniture to be moved.

A good deal of this was done on the Thursday when all the boys were elsewhere. I even re-painted Sean and Finn's feature wall from Raspberry Torte to Blue Reflections. It was a long day but everything feels as though it is in its proper place now. The spare room/nursery suddenly looks right, the sitting room now looks more formal and less of a mish-mash and Sean and Finn's room may have less floor space than they are used to but has better toy storage. Rowan's small bed seems a bit lost in the long, narrow front room but he'll eventually be joined there by his little brother or sister.

Marie and Michael arrived on Easter Sunday and picked up the pace with the sitting room getting a re-painting (Calico) and new curtains made for the sitting room and Sean and Finn's room. So we've had a real spring-clean and the house is just about ready to accommodaet the new arrival.

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