Friday 17 April 2009

Nailed it!!

The two (plus) weeks of Easter holidays seemed the ideal opportunity to tackle the problem of the two thumb-sucking boys. Sean's front teeth are getting looser and he will soon have his adult teeth; Finn's upper gum is starting to get affected by the ever present thumb in the mouth, and he has a considerable overbite with his baby teeth. So the deal was struck with the two protagonists - if they allowed me to paint their thumb nails with Stop&Grow for the two weeks of the holidays without complaining, they got to go to Toys'r'Us and pick a toy of their choice today.

It's been such a delight seeing them watching telly, or sitting in their car seats, with both hands firmly in their laps, no thumb-sucking at all! To say I am pleased is an understatement. Needless to say, Rowan couldn't be left out and kept offering a digit to be painted when the other two were being treated. Let's hope that that sees the end of it.

One thing I sadly won't be seeing the end of for a few weeks yet is my SPD (Symphsis Pubis Disfunction). My pelvic joints, normally held in place with ligaments which have now softened too much as a result of the hormones in my body, are a constant source of pain and discomfort at the moment. I've been prescribed crutches to help take some of the weight off my pelvis when walking and also to help normalise my stride as I had started limping to compensate for the pain. All of this I could really do without, as three young lads and a pair of crutches does not a happy partnership make! Apart from the physical side of it, I am struggling more so with the mental challenge of having to slow down, rest more, and not do as I normally do. It sounds daft, but this has been very upsetting. The inability, inactivity and general inconvenience of it have resulted in their fair share of tears.

Ian, Mam and Dad have been working so hard over the Easter holidays. Ian in particular has done a gargantuan amount of work, rotating bedrooms around in preparation for the baby coming in June. Sean and Finn are installed in the upstairs back bedroom, Rowan is now in his "big boy's bed" for night sleeps too and is in the upstairs front room that formerly was Sean and Finn's. The nursery still has cot, rocking chair and changing unit, and now houses the double bed for visitors. Dad's been painting, digging, etc., Mam has been making curtains for the boys' new room and also the sitting room. It's all go. Me? I've been doing diddly-squat, restricted by the damn SPD.

I suppose the next thing will be to start looking out some of the baby effects: car seat, crib, clothes, etc., and getting those ready. Seven weeks does seem a long way away though (given I add 2 weeks on for being overdue as usual).

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