Sunday 19 April 2009

Flight path

Pete, Tracy and family appeared for a flying visit on Friday, staying over to the Saturday. Literally a flying visit as it turned out, as I went with them out to East Fortune to the Scottish National Museum of Flight on the Saturday afternoon. There are a few good hands-on activity parts for the kids (we had fun making paper planes in one section) and we did get to go on Concorde (it is pretty cramped with only four seats to a row, a pair of seats either side of the aisle) but by and large it's an airfield with a few hangars containing a lot of planes and bits of engines. Still, the boys got a runaround.

I got Pete to take Rowan home to Sharon while I took Sean and Finn and Ross, who was on a sleepover, to North Berwick for some Italian food and a post-prandial stroll along the west sands which was very pleasant. It's a fine balance, tiring them out but getting them home without then falling asleep in the car thereby undoing the good "tiring out" work as they never go sleep once they are in bed if they have napped in the car. Fortunately I just about got the balance right and we kept the after lights-out high jinks to a minimum.

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