Thursday 30 April 2009

Wobbly tooth

One of Sean's front teeth has finally advanced from being a little bit wobbly to bleeding a little and being a lot more wobbly. Another milestone is nigh: the loss of a first tooth by the Wallace children! Although Rowan pushed it close with his trolley-biting incident some time ago. It remains to be seen if Sean's tooth hangs on until after he has his weekend away with Ross, caravanning in St. Andrews, or if he returns home sporting a gap-toothed smile!

We had a very pleasant family dinner last night, which is rare enough to be noteworthy. Instead of becoming weary at the boys spouting nonsense and messing with their food (Sean excepted: he is by and large good at eating up) we all tucked into tasty meatballs in pitta breads with everybody chatting and in a good mood. We can only hope such mealtimes become more frequent, until we descend into a morass of moody long-haired teenagers mumbling and picking at their food while listening to their iPods.

Sharon hasn't been quite so sore over the last few days but is a long way short of dashing about the place. She is on the verge of promoting to Senior Director though and is delighted at her team's year-on-year performance so well done to my heavily pregnant wife. Here's hoping our children inherit your drive rather than my lassitude!

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