Thursday 7 May 2009

My Senior Director

Sean returned from his caravan holiday with the Patersons on Monday. He had a great time at St. Andrews and was in tears when he came home because he hadn't wanted to leave the caravan park. Sean and Finn spoke on the phone for the first time, as did Sean and Rowan, although Sean refused to believe it was Rowan and was sure Finn was playing a trick on him. Another first was the postcard we received yesterday from Sean, which owed a fair bit to Royal Mail's ability to decipher and deliver but he did have the address and postcode and stamp present, just maybe not where you'd expect.

Finn and Rowan's behaviour was variable in the absence of their mentor, plumbing the depths on Monday as they gave Sharon a really hard time. I took Finn to the driving range for the first time on Saturday afternoon and he swung the club well, scuttling his first shot 15 yards and connecting with his second which went about 35 yards. That was his record for the day, which he matched later on. I'll see if I can get him and Sean competing before Rowan comes along and trumps them both! Finn and I also found a lovely open park in Newtongrange with lovely flower beds, trees for hiding in and a playpark, but Finn was a bit lost without the company of his brothers.

My cricket season should have begun this evening but lack of numbers forced the cancellation of our first planned friendly. Given the wet wipe-out to the end of last season and my probably being sidelined once WW4 arrives, it's galling that people can't make more of an effort to play.

Finally, many congratulations to my long-suffering and hard-working wife who has been confirmed as a Senior Director, with six qualified directors beneath her in her ever-growing team. She works so hard at her business while still giving her time (thanklessly for the most part) to the boys and me, that she deserves every success that comes her way. It's almost ten years to the day that we started going out and I could not have hoped for a better partner with which to create a home and family and to spend the rest of my days with. Well done Sharon! There's no point in telling you to take it easy so have that baby and get on with the next task! Maybe some day we'll sit down and catch up with the various series we've recorded on V+.

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