Tuesday 12 May 2009

Two down, eighteen to go

Sean's front tooth finally fell out in the early hours of Friday morning. He felt the need to come down and share this momentous event with us, which was nice, although I would probably have preferred to sleep at that point. The tooth fairy generously swapped the tooth for £2 on the Friday night but, given that Sean's second front tooth came out on Sunday (it was looking the worse for wear after Sean had been giving it a good tug at Phoebe's bowling party and had migrated to the centre of his upper gum), requiring another £2 "investment" from the tooth fairy, I think said fairy may need to revise its lending strategy in these uncertain economic times. A quick calculation suggests 4 children x 20 teeth @ £2 equals a dental outlay of £160. Quite probably a sliding scale will need to be put into operation.

Meanwhile, Sean is lishping a little and generally looking a bit odd. Just another sign that our biggest boy is growing up before our eyes.

The boys were made up over the weekend as they had a constant companion in Clodagh who was over here with Bernie on a mission to look after Sharon in her hours of need. Sharon and Bernie looked out the remaining baby clothes and car seat as we count down towards the arrival. On the Sunday I took Clodagh and the boys for a hike around Bonaly "Crunchy" Park. It was harder work than I anticipated as Rowan was in one of his post-nap strops that would not let up and had to be hauled, cajoled and carried up steep inclines and through forests. Sean was grumpy to start with too but soon got into the climbing and him and Finn had their usual great time playing in forests.

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