Friday 12 June 2009

Fajitas and a pint of Guinness

With Rowan at nursery, Sean and Finn off to Pentland and thence to Alison's and Marie sent into town to do some shopping, Sharon and I finally had some time alone with each other and Angus.

He's starting to "unravel" as the wrinkles ease off and his puffy face goes down. He has quite a pointed chin and a broader nose than Rowan and a delicate little mouth at this stage, when it isn't yelling for more milk. His eyes are dark blue and still operating a bit independently giving him an occasionally squinty look which hopefully will sort itself out soon. His hair is dark brown like Finn's although Sharon says one or two of the hairs that have fallen out have had a dark red tint so either he's been raiding the hair care products or there's a touch of auburn in there. His eyebrows are faint and quite light-coloured just now so we're not sure what his hair colour will end up as. He has one slightly vacuum packed ear that is slowly pushing its way out and he may have slight dimples; we'll have to wait until he starts smiling properly to know for sure.

Fortuntely, Angus seems to have avoided the colicky start that made Rowan such hard work in the first three months. There have been no extended bouts of inconsolable crying, although he has been prone to waking up after half an hour or so with wind pains and is sometimes difficult to settle. He loves a cosy cuddle and seems to sleep slightly better swaddled, on his side.

Angus's brothers have been good with him. Rowan is slightly ham-fisted but isn't showing any real signs of jealousy; Sean seems more interested in his Gogos and did not want any part of the nappy changing action but is always good for giving Angus a fond stroke and a wee chat; Finn has been the best, singing songs to Angus, stroking his cheeks and giving him kisses and cuddles and just generally looking after him. Angus seems to respond most to Finn, which is not surprising as Finn was the one who spoke to him most on the "tummy telephone." Finn seems to be at the best age for being interested in his new baby brother, just as Sean was when Rowan came along.

With everyone occupied, we took Angus out for his first social engagement, lunch at Kingsacre Golf Club. He slept all the way through it, which was fine by us! As we sat in the conservatory looking out over the course the clouds cleared and it became a lovely warm afternoon. Sharon thoroughly enjoyed her well-earned pint of Guinness and chicken fajitas!

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