Wednesday 10 June 2009

Thanks for the good wishes

Thanks for all the good wishes and cards we've received to date. Here is a selection of the messages.

Paul Last - Think you should find out sharpish [what's causing all these births], before it gets completely out of hand. Got a feeling that if it was you delivering the 11lb 2.5 oz there would be a bit more of an investigation. Congratulations and all the best. See you all soon.

Helen Millar - Hey Wallaces - huge congratulations from the Millars! I hope you're now all settled in at home now an he's a good sleeper.

Sue Caldwell - I love the name Sharon, but the weight brings tears to my eyes! 9lb was big enough for me!! Enjoy your time with baby Angus - I am so envious.

Lilias Ewen - He looks a charmer and a great name to go with his other three brothers! Congratulations to you both!

Sharon Munro - Ian, he is a little cracker! Hope Angus's 1st night at home went well and you all got some sleep!

Brian Mackrell - Congratulations. I read your blog and for some reason can't get Ben Hur out of my mind

Michelle Ballinger - Congratulations to you! Can't believe he's come only a few days late. Sharon must be so happy about that alone, never mind that she's got a gorgeous wee boy to show for it too! And he's so big! You guys certainly know how to build 'em. hehe! Very, very happy for all 6 of you. Happy new born days.

Stuart Halliday - Just got up this morning to learn you have a new son! Congratulations! 11 lb wow!

Gillian Sandilands - So delighted for all of you. What a size of a boy!

Miriam Hunsley - Congratulations! Hope all is well, he's a little cutie; we had a look this morning. Maybe we will meet the little fellow soon!

Steve Caldwell - Absolutely Fabulous! .... but thanks a lot. Now Marion wants more! You fertile b******!

Allain McLeish - Fantastic news and we are so glad that everything has gone so well. Thank you so much for sharing the photographs with us. Graham and I both loved seeing them. I can see a strong resemblance to the rest of the boys although his head seems to be a different shape. Sounds like a traumatic entrance to the hospital for you both!!! The mind boggles with the images that I have in my head. Good job that you did not have your camera working then!!

Ruth Escat - Congratulations to you both Ian. Pass my love to Sharon. The boys must be thrilled

Claire Charles - Fantastic news – I can’t believe it you’ve grown your own footie team. Ollie is thrilled you’ve added to the male population. So chuffed for both of you. Much love to you Sharon and your no doubt sore nether regions. Big kisses to you all.

Graeme Nixon - Congratulations - sounds like all doing well. You'll be old hands at this now - though back to sleepless nights at your age! From the word "final" in the title, I take it your next stop is a friendly uro-genital surgeon. Great news and give our best ot Sharon.

Alison Harrison - Congratulations everyone! No wonder he's the final child - you don't want to take any chances, another one might be bigger - and no wonder he sucks his fingers - he must be permanently hungry! Good luck, enjoy the last one!

Karen Daye - I am delighted the baby is a boy - there is lots of kudos in having all handsome boys - a friend in Dublin has just had her 5th boy in 8 years and it's wonderful!! I can't get over how well Sharon looks and how grown up Sean is now. All our love to Sharon & the boys.

The Kirklands - Congratulations! Hope Mum and Angus are doing well and settling in at home - and that all the other Wallace boys are coping with the enlarged family. Well done to Sharon for bearing a fourth (enormous) boy and making it seem so easy. Are you sure this is the last one? Wishing you sleep filled hours.....

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