Saturday 6 June 2009

Angus Ian Wallace

We have our fourth boy, Angus Ian Wallace, delivered in a hurry at St. John's Hospital in Livingston last night at 2140, some fifteen minutes after we arrived at the car park. For a few minutes it was touch and go as to whether he would be christened the Car Park Kid as Sharon looked like she wasn't going to make it from the car to the ward but a chair arrived and she was wheeled in, kneeling like Boadacea on a chariot. Things happened rather quickly and a large baby put in an appearance shortly afterwards.

We were debating his name at first but Angus was what we had decided beforehand and now that the shock of his quick arrival has worn off, Angus Ian Wallace is what we're sticking with. His name may have been debated but his size is not in question: 5040g or a whopping 11lbs 2.5 oz! His hair is dark, with perhaps an auburn tinge Sharon thought, as she went up to the post-natal ward just as dawn was breaking. He was quite a placid wee lad for the first couple of hours but he has been coughing a bit trying to bring up mucus since then. He doesn't really look like any of his brothers and has maybe missed out on the dimples but he seems to like sucking his fingers!

Here are some early photos of Angus. His brothers and Nana are very excited and can't wait to see him.

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