Monday 22 June 2009


Sean has belatedly discovered one of his birthday presents (because I have now put batteries in it): Hyperdash. He and Finn and Rowan had a great time yesterday in the house and on the Green in West Linton, dashing from coloured marker to coloured marker in response to the commands issued by the electronic tagging device that looks like a bit like a plunger. Not only is it good exercise but it's probably good training for having four children, where the voice inside your head is saying: "make packed lunches"; "get the boys dressed"; "off to school"; "check who's picking up"; "do a washing"; "change nappies"; "find Angus...". Unfortunately that game doesn't stop.

Life is hectic and set to be even more so once Marie leaves us tomorrow morning. The crunch time is getting everybody dressed, fed and out the door in the morning. Angus has been fairly good, waking twice a night, but he doesn't wind well and often wakens less than an hour after a feed. He's been a bit topsy-turvy; falling asleep during and right after a feed rather than becoming energised, probably not taking enough as a result and then waking up before he's due a feed because he's hungry. If we can push him towards feeding at 11pm, 3am and 7pm then Sharon will get a bit more rest than she has been getting as he currently typically wakes around 2.30am and 6am.

Sharon and I got out briefly on Friday night for the P2 Mums Night Out (I, as the token male, watched the golf on the big telly in the Morningside Glory) and then on Saturday night we dined at Tony's Table, the latest restaurant to be opened by Roti owner Tony Singh. The food was tasty and good value at £20 for 3 courses. Sharon's beef shin with mushrooms was the highlight.

Finn was singing with the rest of the pre-schoolers in the school hall on Friday at the retirement presentation for two of the nursery staff. He's been practising hard for some time. Sharon said he did very well, singing and joining in the actions. Taming Rowan has been a bit of a battle this week as he seems hell bent on refusing to do what he is asked and throwing massive tantrums when he doesn't get his own way. Angus's arrival may have something to do with this but I doubt it; it's just the way Rowan seems to be and he's actually been a good lad towards Angus, if a little awkward as he ends up head-butting him as he tries to give him kisses.

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