Tuesday 16 June 2009

There and back again

Alas, after a week in which Sharon looked like she was recovering well after the birth of Angus, infection struck. Edel was barely delivered from the airport on Friday when Sharon started to get the shakes and feel rather ill. A post-midnight visit to the NRIE confirmed she had mastitis as we feared and, on Saturday, following a turbulent night and then a visit from the midwife, we retraced our steps of the previous weekend, returning to St. John's Hospital in Livingston.

Sharon and Angus were admitted and antibiotics were administered. Her temperature stabilised in the early hours of Sunday morning and the mastitis eased over the course of Sunday but of more concern was the tenderness and sharp pains in her stomach. The doctors believe it is an infection so she has been dosed with more antibiotics and was discharged from hospital on Monday evening.

The only bother to Angus is that he seems to be a hungry boy and Sharon isn't sure she'll be able to keep up with him. Maybe he's just having his first growth spurt or he's hungry having dropped about 450g in weight since birth (up to 10% is perfectly acceptable, especially for a big nipper like him), but he's having to be topped up with formula at the moment. The fabled "teat confusion" has never been a problem with our lads: so long as they're fed they don't care what form it comes in. That fussiness only starts when they're older!

It's good to have Sharon and Angus home again. Here's hoping we have seen the back of St. John's this time.

Needless to say, the boys were thrilled by Edel's brief visit; playing games, drawing pictures, making disguises and so on. All the things parents just don't have the time for, sadly. There was a lot of thunder and lightning on Sunday and torrential rain which made the drive to Livingston to see Sharon and Angus interesting!

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