Tuesday 2 June 2009

The time is almost upon us

With the final instalment of the Wallace Clan due tomorrow, it was great to see the wonderful Marie arriving last night, ready for her now regular duty as "Carer" for my period of confinement! All is well with the world, when you have your Mammy by your side, isn't it?

I have warned all the other mums in the playground about comments like "are you still here?" and "you must be wishing this baby would be born" and the likes as I go overdue. Do people not realise that EVERY Tom, Dick and Harriet pass comment on it? It is soooo annoying.

Thankfully I haven't been suffering too much with this stupendous weather we've been having! Although yesterday, I did think I was going to faint after coming back from swimming lessons. The pool area was heated to a ridiculous temperature, given the glass roof on the building (Finn has made a vast improvement in his backstroke, but it's his front crawl that really makes my heart swell with pride!). It's the double layer of Tubigrip across the bump that is like an insulating layer that I could do without!

But it's an exciting time nonetheless. We should have a baby hopefully by the end of next week. Given Sean was 12 days late, and Finn and Rowan both 9 days, I am not expecting anything until the middle to end of next week - and neither should anyone reading this!!! And then I'm so hoping I can lob those damned crutches into the nearest bucket I can find!

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