Saturday 11 July 2009

The White House

With the hot weather starting to dissolve in periodic bands of heavy showers, Michael and Adrian began the task of painting the house. It was last done around '99 or 2000, before we moved in, and the re-faced chimney (2006) was in danger of developing new cracks if we didn't attend to its upkeep. The sight of Michael painting with a pillowcase over his head in the Saturday heat was one which evaded the camera. They were able to crack on between the showers and do the house, gutters, garage and dividing wall as well as Adrian fixing up the rotting door and window frame on the garage and replacing some of the mortar above the front of the garage. All in all, a very productive week.

I took the big three out to Dunbar for a sunny Saturday where Sean and Finn had a great time paddling around the partially submerged bridge. Rowan wasn't so keen on the water however, perferring to sit and get dirty on the sand, which of course required him to be doused in the water to clean him up, with predictable consequences. Sean and Finn too were maddening when it came to getting cleaned up, forever dragging freshly cleaned flesh back through the sand. After ice-creams we drove to Gifford for a stone-throwing session in the river and a run around the play-park. It became evident that the sun had been piercing the thin cloud as we all developed a colour, especially me and Finn, with his usual tell-tale white stripes where the legs of his glasses had cast a shadow.

Sharon came down with another bout of mastitis, fortunately not as bad as the last one, as Angus continues to demand a lot of feeding and Sharon struggles to keep up. With her return to Pampered Chef action at the conference in a few days it's important she gets as much rest as possible, which is not proving easy as Angus is still waknig twice a night but not feeding that well when he does waken.

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