Saturday 4 July 2009

Together again

Sean wound down for his summer holidays with a few lazy days at school, including a "wear what you want" day for which he wanted to wear his pyjamas. He secured a gold merit certificate for good behaviour before the term ended and was one of the few invited to a "tea party" (juice and a biscuit in the school hall) as a result. He was a bit tiresome at home without his younger brothers to order about. Finn and Rowan were having a great time at Ardilaun, with Rowan trying to rule the roost as usual. They went swimming with Rowan throwing a huge tantrum when it was time to go home. They also had a lot of fun on the bicycles, playing games in the cul-de-sac. Michael and Adrian brought them back on the plane on Thursday. Rowan was great, Finn was again rather apprehensive on the bumpy descent into Edinburgh.

Gogos continue to be the main focus of Sean's life. Mammy sneaked packets of Gogos into Finn and Rowan's suitcases and all Sean wanted to talk about when on the phone to his brothers was "what Gogos did you get?" The last day of school was a blistering hot day. Sean came home wearing pink pants as he had got soaked playing in the paddling pool at Alison's. I was playing cricket that night and it was the hottest evening game I can remember since playing in stifling humidity in Nottingham in 1997. Hopefully the weather will stay dry so Michael and Adrian can get on with the exterior house painting.

Angus continues to thrive. He is putting on weight now and occasionally goes well at night, waking just the once for a feed. He is managing to even up the smiles, using both cheeks rather than just his right cheek. Sharon and I managed out on Friday night for a meal at the Tusitala in the company of the Fletchers. We need to take every opportunity to get out that we can!

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