Monday 29 June 2009

Time has gone missing!

When speaking to Marie on the phone earlier, I realised that Angus will be a month old this weekend coming. How did that happen? "The Bull" is settling in quite well, and had been on a run of good nights sleeping earlier last week, but we've had a few hard enough nights the last 3 or 4. Last night (or should I say early this morning) he woke at 5am and was very unsettled from that point on till it was time to get Sean up and dressed for school. So the fact I can still type with such an early start, I'm quite pleased about!

Ian returned just before tea time this evening, and the four of us headed out to a local "gastro pub" to celebrate Sean being awarded his Gold Certificate at school today, with over 300 merit points for the year. He was trying hard to be the little grown-up, brushing his hair before heading out, and for the first time closing the bathroom door to attend to his coiffure!

We had a mixed weekend while Ian, Finn and Rowan were away. Sean and I were both missing the others, and not sure what to do with ourselves in this quiet house on Swanston Terrace! On Saturday we ventured into the Farmers Market, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Wendy P had invited us over for lunch too, which was very pleasant, both company and food! Sunday morning saw the three of us heading out for Sunday breakfast, something I miss greatly - a good coffee, a pastry and a quick scan of the papers. Then that afternoon, Sean was invited for a play over at Luke Hutchison's house.

On a complete tangent, and only to preserve the memory, a ditty about Rowan... He loves the song "Hush little baby, dont say a word, Mama's going to buy you a mocking bird" and asks me often to sing it to him. Angus was crying the other day, and I overheard Rowan going over to his rocker and singing "Hush little baby, dont say a word, Mama's going to buy you a mocking bird, and if that mocking bird dont sing, Mama's going to buy you a DVD". Poetic license, perhaps? I'm missing my blonde-haired brown-eyed monkey more than I can say, and the Preschooler too.

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