Monday 10 August 2009

The jinx of Edel?

The last time Edel came to visit, within an hour of her arrival, Sharon felt terrible and ended up in hospital with mastitis. Last Thursday, there seemed to be an eerie coincidence as, once again, Sharon started to feel poorly soon after Edel had arrived. "Feeling poorly" was an understatement on the Friday morning as Sharon awoke feverish with vomiting annd muscle spasms. Things went from bad to worse on arrival at the doctor's surgery with Sharon passing out and an ambulance having to be called to take her to the New Royal Infirmary. Poor Wendy, who had accompanied her to the doctor, got quite a fright.

From that point on, over the next few days, it felt like we were in an episode of House as Sharon was subjected to a CT scan and various blood tests. Some potentially nasty causes were ruled out and she was treated for swine flu for a while, but the doctor eventually decided she'd had an extreme reaction to a urinary tract infection caused by e-coli bacteria. Her temprature stabilised on the Sunday morning and she was discharged at lunchtime today but she is still feeling rather fragile.

Edel flew home just as Sharon was getting out of hospital. Marie is flying in tomorrow morning as cover so that I can go back to work.

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