Monday 17 August 2009

Sing lasagne to the king

Rowan is very quick to pick up a tune. I was getting him ready for bed this evening and he was singing "dum dum dum-dum, bam bam bam-bam" which I recognised as "Lonely Boy", one of the songs on his "list" on the iPod. Sharon said they'd heard it on the radio earlier today. However, he topped that two days ago with "sing lasagne, sing lasagne, sing lasagne to the king of kings!" Sean and Finn had been singing the correct version but he hadn't quite picked it up right! He's currently sporting a black eye from a collision at nursery. Given the speed and recklessness with which he rattles about the house he is forever rapping his head off door jambs, balustrades and the like. He gave the other two a run for their money at the Ratho soft play on Saturday afternoon.

Sharon took Finn out on his "date" on Saturday morning, to spend some time with him before he starts school this week. He chose to go swimming so they went to Bonnyrigg for a splash about then Sharon took him into Edinburgh for a tapas lunch at Cafe Andaluz. He was very much in his element and enjoyed calamari and prawns. They then went to get him some new shoes. When asked what he enjoyed most about his date he told Sharon it was getting to be with her on his own. We underestimate what it means to Finn to get that focus rather than be lumped in with his brothers all the time. No doubt it manifests itself in attention-seeking behaviour at times. Sadly, the opportunities to get one on one time with each of the boys is limited and it's often easier or more convenient for one of us to take them all away while the other gets on with some jobs. At least Finn enjoyed his date with his Mammy.

Sean finally got past the tears and tantrums yesterday evening - "I'll never be able to do this!" - and rode his bike, without stabilisers, 100 yards in Braidburn Valley park. I admit I was getting a bit fed up with his wailings as he kept careering off the path in comic/pathetic style, crashing into long grass and blaming Rowan for wandering in front of his hapless steering efforts, but he was delighted with himself when he finally got a long cycle in without coming to grief. Well done Sean. I won't admit it to you but you'll find out when you read this years later, but I was probably about 12 before I could go a bike, mainly because I never really had the opportunity.

Sharon has mostly recovered from her stay in hospital but is still feeling a little under the weather and, sadly for her, still doesn't have much of an appetite. But we have both been delighted with Angus, who, the last two nights, has slept through from midnight until after 7am. We know he can do it now, so any night feeds will be discouraged from now on.

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