Saturday 5 September 2009

Finn is five

Today, Finn reached his landmark fifth birthday (and Angus was a quarter of a year old).
As Sharon was working near Dumfries this evening, Finn took the option of a birthday breakfast. We all packed up and headed into Marchmont to Toast, close to its ten o'clock opening which was just as well as it soon filled up. Apple juice for the boys and smoothies for Sharon and me were followed by a croissant with smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and salad for the birthday boy and his Mammy, the same minus the croissant for me and caramel bananas and Belgian waffles with maple syrup for the sweet-toothed Sean and Rowan. The bananas were too sweet for Sean and Rowan continued his poor eating form of late: having been moaning about getting his breakfast he then moaned about not wanting to eat it.

Finn loved his breakfast and ate it all up while looking very pleased with himself. He was then whisked to Logy Gym in Loanhead for Evan and Alistair's birthday party (his own party is next weekend) while I took Sean to the driving range. This didn't last too long as Sean soon got grumpy after hitting a few balls. Dedication to practice is not something he is good at. So I returned home to cut the side hedge instead as the completely overgrown state of the garden is beginning to wear on us. Lesley and Stuart came over for a visit then the boys had "fish finger nachos" for tea which were well received before Finn finally was ushered off to bed after a busy birthday.

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