Tuesday 8 September 2009

No more spot of bother

Monday was the day of reckoning for Rowan's "spot" which has been an ever present on his chin since the early part of last year. It was identified as a pilomatrixoma ("a benign appendageal tumor") earlier this year and today I took him along to the Sick Kids Hospital to have it removed. We had to leave the house early, parked the car at Greenbank and caught a No. 5 bus to Marchmont. Rowan was able to spot the 5 on the bus and enjoyed the novelty of sitting next to me looking out the window. We walked (well I carried Rowan most of the way) down to the RHSC to get there for 0800. Once up to the ward, Rowan was weighed and made a beeline for the toys at the end of the ward. he wasn't too happy about having to get his jammies on and less happy about the cream that went on the back of his hands but was soon back at the toys as a variety of nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons milled about, inspecting their patients for the day.

Fortunately Rowan was up first so he hopped on his bed and was wheeled down to the surgery. I picked out Dinosaur Roar then we went into pre-theatre where he got a jab in the back of the hand, while I read to him and used the book as a screen, despite him being aware that someone was doing something to his hand and trying to see past the book. He fell asleep very quickly and I was ushered out as he was whisked away into theatre. It's never great seeing one of your children disappear off like that, especially knowing there is always a small element of risk in them going under a general anaesthetic, but you can only trust the doctors to do their job.

I went out and strolled along to Victor Hugo's for a cup of tea while Rowan went under the knife. It's a great neighbourhood delicatessen, reminiscent of the sorts of places that are common in European cities but all too rare in Edinburgh. I was able to while away a contented half hour looking north across the Meadows before wandering back to the RHSC.

Rowan arrived back just after 1000, groggy and irritable, though no more so than he is normally is at the moment if he's had a nap. He took ten minutes or so to settle before falling asleep and then woke again about thirty minutes later keen to have a drink then a yoghurt then some toast and jam. He had a dressing on his chin which quickly became covered in crumbs and jam so it had to be removed revealing the surprisingly long curved scar with six dissolving stitches. Evidently they had to make about an inch long incision to cut out the pilomatrixoma. Hopefully the scar will heal well, though there is a risk of it remaining pink coloured, something which can happen with chin and shoulder scars. The natural curve of the chin should disguise any line as he grows older.

Rowan was trying to pull away the dressing and the plaster that replaced it as it was difficult not to have it sticking to his lower lip. He seemed nonplussed when presented with a mirror to show him the result of "Dr. Spot's" handiwork and was more interested in getting back to watch Cars on the portable DVD player. Eventually he was discharged around 1230 and Sharon came to collect us. He was pleased to see her and gave her a big wave. Of all the boys, he's spent the most time in RHSC, and is the third to have gone under general anaesthetic, something I've managed to avoid till now. I was called into work that afternoon so had to shelve any plans to give Rowan any special treatment, but he did seem content with some Green & Black's white chocolate!

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