Sunday 13 September 2009

The Weekenders

It's been a very pleasant weekend all round. I had a great show on Friday night, small crowd, but lovely company (isn't it great when you enjoy your job!). Saturday morning brought about Finn's birthday party (I was up making chocolate krispie cakes at midnight the night before); Edinburgh Accies Sports Centre proved a great venue. Finn and Rory Fletcher were doing a joint party, and Fiona had come up with the venue. Twenty kids were run ragged for an hour by the sports guy, Joss, and then they ate like savages upstairs for half an hour. All tres civilised.

That afternoon was a flurry of wrapping paper, and us trying to keep track of who gave what present, as Finn unwrapped his pile of birthday gifts. The Fletchers came round Saturday evening for dinner, pleasant company, good food, cooked by my lovely man, and a very sociable evening all round.

Dad arrived this morning, bright and early. On arrival back at the house, Ian was getting ready to head out to Largo for his last cricket game of the season, his annual pilgrimage to Upper Largo. I made up a picnic, and Dad, myself and the entourage of 4 boys headed for Almond Valley. In the warmth of the September sunshine, we had a great time, except when Sean and Finn nearly lost the plot when a few ducks mistakenly waddled up to our picnic table and were greeted with blood curdling screams!

Angus continues to grow and delight in equal measures. He has the most amiable of personalities and I am truly besotted with the wee lad. Dad can't believe the change in him. And also, he saw a big change in Rowan since our July jaunt to Ireland. Rowan seems extra pleased to have Papa, "my friend", back in the house, having come to the airport to collect him and beaming from ear to ear the whole way home.

A good weekend all round, finished off with a pleasant dinner with Dad after the boys were down. We didn't mean to finish the bottle of wine, honest! Bang goes the pre-wedding diet!

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