Friday 22 January 2010

Lunch with Finn

I took Finn out on Saturday morning to help me do a bit of fish and fruit and veg shopping in Marchmont. He enjoys getting time alone with us. The lady in Eddie's Seafood liked his glasses and the man sneaked him a little Twix. We went for lunch in Annabelle's, having had no joy at securing gluten-free guarantees from the girl in Victor Hugo's. Finn tucked into a bacon roll and scrambled egg while I had a chicken curry.

The snow has all but cleared. There wasn't much grit laid on our road so it hasn't left too much of a mess behind and since the road was recently resurfaced it remains in decent nick, unlike some of the other roads in Edinburgh which have developed some desperate pot-holes. The Browns came round for a visit on Saturday afternoon, the last time we'll see them all before their imminent departure to Australia. Their plan is to go away for two years. We're struggling to see if we can book a holiday in Mallorca!

We're persevering with Angus. He seems a lot more settled in the evenings now - not that we needed to get him up but he's been crying less - but is still a bit hit and miss through the night. He has managed to go to 0630 on a few occasions, but they seem to be the nights when I'm "on duty." Sharon has had to put up with less successful nights which also seem to coincide with a variety of children arriving by the bedside at inappropriate intervals.

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