Monday 25 January 2010

Burns supper

I was in Hector's on Friday night to see off Graeme Broon as he left Standard Life for the second time. Brian, the piscine wonderboy was there, but I didn't have too late an evening as Lesley and Stuart were doing the babysitting duties back at the ranch, Sharon being through in Glasgow doing her first show since before Christmas.

Saturday was a bit hectic. Having bought new shoes for Sean and visited the library with him before lunch, then done more food shopping afterwards, we were invaded by Phoebe, Ross, Lewis, Zoe, Amy, Rory and Duncan for a Burns Supper. Our boys were all smart in their kilts and there was much giddiness as their guests arrived. Sharon hosted a Scottish Quiz (Sean blew his side's chances by answering "neeps" to the question "what are potatoes called in Scotland?") then the children all sat down to haggis, neeps and tatties (with tomato sauce). Sean toasted the ladies with a poem written by Sharon and Finn, having practised hard, read out a short Burns poem. Even Rowan joined in by singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star! No shy bairns!

Sean's Toast

A toast to the lassies
Is usually done
At a Burns Supper
When friends have come

To eat and to drink
And to play a few games
Our three lovely lassies
We know them by name

Oh Zoe, oh Phoebe,
Oh Aimee, what girls!
Enjoy your Burns Supper
As the evening unfurls

So boys, I ask you
To raise up your glasses
And join me in a toast
To our Bonnie Lasses!

To the Lassies!

The children seemed to have a good time, although Finn did reach his usual, rather over-wrought, level of behaviour. Ross stayed for a sleep-over.

I took all four boys to the Museum on Sunday morning while Sharon did some training in the house. Remarkably I didn't lose any of them. Come the afternoon and evening, Sharon and I were both dogged by a cold which, given the lack of decent sleep, may not be easy to shrug off.

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