Wednesday 27 January 2010

Glasses and classes

On finally attending the Eye Pavilion on Monday after a number of postponments, Rowan has been diagnosed as being slightly long-sighted in one eye. He needs glasses. Hyperopia, as it is known, may be the reason Rowan is known as Mr. Bump in our house as he is forever walking into doors, stairposts, frames and anything else that you'd think would be easy to avoid. Mind you, he does have a wee turn-in to his left foot which leads to him tripping more often than he should when he's running.

So, a third glasses-wearer. Rowan has the ears for glasses but not the nose. I don't know how he'll get a pair that don't slip down. What do we feed Angus to make sure his eyes don't go the same way? He's moved on to beef casserole and now has a far-ranging repertoire of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit and dairy as well as mauling a variety of finger foods. It's a rare mealtime when he seems to be full up!

Rowan has started pre-school nursery in the afternoons, the third of our boys to "enter the system." He trotted in on Monday, smart in his red Pentland sweatshirt over his white polo-shirt, without a glance behind him. In fact, he was remonstrating with Sharon on his early pick-up for "interrupting story time." Yesterday he was "playing with the boy with the curly hair" but didn't know his name. Duncan is there too, but he doesn't know any of the other children. Knowing Rowan, it won't be long before he makes his mark!

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