Thursday 4 February 2010

Semi-final success

"Mummy or Daddy!" is generally the first phrase shouted in our house of a morning. When this is followed by "I've had a wee accident!" then it's not a great start to the day. By and large one of us is awake already, in the room with Angus trying to shush him, when Rowan yells his morning pronouncements. Chances are he hears Angus crying, wakes up, then disregards the fact that his clock only says 6. Latterly his explanantion is "I'm just pretending it's wake-up time." Cute as that may be, we ain't buying it, especially when Finn and Sean decide to "just pretend" too.

Angus's sleeping is slowly improving, with him often going past 0615 before he wakes. He has had some terrible morning nappies recently, which may be waking him up (although he isn't happy when he wakes up on his tummy as he gets stuck) and which we hope are teething nappies. Still no sign of any teeth breaking through though as he approaches the eight month mark. He's getting quite mobile with his caterpillar crawling and hauled himself up on Finn's bed the other morning, tried to take a sideways step then collapsed. I had to lower his cot base at the weekend but I'm not sure it's low enough.

It was freezing at the weekend. With Sharon down in Castle Douglas on Saturday, I took the four lads out to Beecraigs Park but we did well to last an hour (especially with Sean falling twice and screaming the place down) as I fed Angus in his buggy and started to painfully lose feeling in my fingers. The boys were treaetd to a Greggs lunch in the car in Linlithgow then a wander round the Hopetoun House Garden Centre where discs of ice frozen on top of water features were of most interest. On Sunday I went with Sean, Finn and Rowan to climb Blackford Hill which they did very well, especially the littlest 'un. After a hot chocolate in Victor Hugo's which prompted Sean into further dramatics - "I'm going to be sick!" - we went to the East Meadows playpark. Things were going fine until the cold suddenly penetrated Rowan's defences leading to his obligatory dissolution into tears and trauma.

Sharon and I had a curious night out on Saturday, dining at the 110 Restaurant in the casino at Fountain Park which had all the charm of an airport departure lounge. The meal was decent enough but I suspect, given the subsequent bowel problems I've had this week, that I was "glutenized." We were then stuck in second row seats in the cineam, craning our necks to view the appropriately named "Up In The Air." We enjoyed it.

The cold weather resulted in a surprise return of the snow and ice. This didn't stop Rowan going to get his prescription for his glasses, nor did it stop St. Mirren reaching their first final in 23 years as they defeated Hearts 1-0 in the League Cup semi-final. When we won the Cup in 1987 we beat Hearts in the semi-final too. This time we'll have to overcome Rangers in the final. Straightforward enough?

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