Thursday 18 February 2010

My Four Fantastic Boys

Sometimes I worry in case I forget some of the little things about the boys that give me so much joy, pleasure, amusement, etc. It is very easy to forget them, especially when your grey matter is shot to bits after four pregnancies! Trust me, having kids really does blow your memory into the beyonds!

I love Finn's funny little hairy elbows.

I love the way Angus' whole face lights up when he smiles, and boy what a smile!

I love how serene Sean looks when he sleeps, and how grown-up he seems at times.

And I love the way Rowan talks as though he is 23, not 3, eg. he said "I glanced out the door", when most others would say look.

One day, getting them all into the car for school, Ro looked up at the sky and says "Look Mum, the moon! The world is revolving slowly the day" (all courtesy of a book on planets from the library!). Duncan was around for a play recently, and they were fighting over a train and Rowan held up his hand and said "I don't want an argument with you today, Duncan!" in EXACTLY the tone I would have used with him.

Sean and Finn were understanding logic and could be reasoned with when they were three, Rowan is a whole different ball game!

Sean recently came into the kitchen looking all concerned. When I asked him what was wrong, he said he was worried about growing a beard. I said he had plenty of time and not to worry about that, but he replied "I can't be an inventor till I get a beard and I want to be an inventor!"

Talking about his chosen career path of Inventor, he once told me he wasn't going to get married and have kids, as he could invent something really sharp and dangerous and it might kill his kids!

Finn got really upset one day; Sean had informed him that you can't get married and have a job at the same time. Finn was distraught, really sobbing, "but I want to have a job AND marry Zoe!" Wee sweetie.

Angus is at the stage where if you hold out your arms to him, he'll lift his up to be lifted, and I love this stage. At eight months old, I'd happily freeze him in time as I don't want him to grow any older. Being the "Fourth and Final", I guess I am enjoying him and each stage he is at all the more, in the knowledge I wont get this chance again.

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