Sunday 28 February 2010

A slip in the shower

It's officially the coldest winter of my lifetime, since 1962/3. And to underline that fact, the snow returned midweek, once again coating the Pentland Hills and leaving us with a snowy driveway. For the first time this winter Sharon was trapped in the house - by a snowplough! For some reason it pushed the snow up the road for about 40 metres and left it as a 2 foot high barrier across the road. Sharon couldn't take Rowan to pre-school and had to leave him in front of the telly (no complaint there) and Angus asleep whle she went out and cleared a path so she could collect the big lads from school. Not very happy!

Rowan has started swimming lessons at Gracemount. We may look to switching them all as Sean and Finn don't seem to be progressing now at SwimEasy and the ratio of teachers to pupils has dropped as they have advanced to yellow hats. If we can get Rowan to wear goggles and lose the dread fear he has of getting his face in the water (Finn was the same at his age) then that'll be a major hurdle overcome. We'll have to ferry Sean out on a Wednesday afternoon though, as Rowan's class starts at 1530 and Sharon can't wait to pick up Sean.

My new Canon 500D camera has arrived! I've been meaning to get a Digital SLR for some time, as I miss the quality and control that an SLR affords compared to a compact. So, with a wee bonus from my work on the sale of Standard Life Bank burning a hole in my pocket I thought I'd treat myself. I promise to be more timeous in getting the photos up on the site!

Sean was very pleased to get his gold merit certificate at school, which, given it's just past mid-term in the winter term, is a very good achievement. They may drive us daft in the house but we cannot complain about their behaviour at school or when they are out visiting friends. Finn got his sliver merit certificate and said he was really happy that he's never lost any golden time. Finn's writing is very neat and he's steadily improving his reading and spelling, but he's yet to develop the real interest in reading that Sean has.

I had a nasty fall in the shower this morning. My left foot slipped and turned and the toes bent right under as I crashed on to my backside, grasping for a handhold which was not forthcoming. It hurt a lot. With Sharon out, the boys occupied on the Wii and Angus asleep, I had no option but to pick myself up and hirple downstairs. It does make you wonder about the consequences of such falls in twenty years' time. Our neighbour Neil, who is a GP, checked my foot and ankle out later in the afternoon and decided nothing was broken. It was fairly throbbing as I sat in the Odeon in Lothian Road, having taken Sean and Finn to see the Princess and the Frog which was a very enjoyable animation from Disney, a more traditional cartoon in the Jungle Book style.

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