Friday 12 March 2010

More gadgets

The weather has turned milder but there are still a couple of traces of snow by the house that are taking forever to thaw. And a mystery green car (taxed till the end of March) has been parked in our road for three weeks now.

Rowan was back at his swimming lessons this week after missing out due to his cough last week. As ever, he talked throughout the lesson. Sharon said it was a wonder he didn't drown, he was talking so much, not listening to the teacher at all. He claims, not surprisingly for Rowan, that he doesn't talk all the time at pre-school nursery. Early indications are that the teachers are delighted with him.

Angus is eliciting similar reactions at Fairmile Kindergarten where he is welcomed with open arms, cited as a perfect baby who is quite happy to play about and get cuddles all day. He can be a bit grumpier at home, perhaps because he has to accept a split in attention with his big brothers. Sharon lost him the other morning and engaged the boys to go on an Angus hunt. He was located behind the bathroom door, pulling the bathroom bin over (again). It's only a matter of time before he crawls into a room and traps himself by pushing the door closed.

The stream of gadgetry entering the house continues. I've now set-up a wireless router and this week a new laptop arrived to exploit this new capability. Coverage in the sitting room isn't great, unfortunately (the Wii can connect to the Internet wirelessly too), but this will allow the boys computer time under Sharon's eye in the kitchen while she's making dinner or let her deal with the odd e-mail without burynig herself in the office. Undoubtably our boys will grow up in a completely different technological environment. There was me getting a Sinclair Spectrum 16K computer at the age of 15 and there's Finn, adept at using the touchpad and mouse at the age of 5. Even Rowan is no slouch.

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